Transparency and Honesty

We share right information, insight and advice frequently and constructively to the right people. We are constantly researching and conceiving and continually applying our learnings to our partners. Our mindset of speaking the truth provides our partners with honest, valuable feedback while making us reliable for our customers.

Integrity and Respect

We act with integrity and show respect to people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members. We treat everyone with the highest degree of respect and strive to live and act each day in an ethical manner.  

Customer Focus

We set our ultimate goal by and for our customers' success. We want to be their top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice. We build lasting relationships with our customers and create value for them.


We take action to do the right thing and assume responsibility for our decisions, actions, operations and products in the best interest of our associate instructors, customers, stakeholders, partners, and the colleagues who organize and facilitate programs. 


Success is built on partnership and collaboration everywhere. We create an environment where every instructor, training provider, as well as university and business school, and consultancy firm is empowered to contribute and is recognized for their effort.


We continuously think out of the box and work on innovative solutions to create sustainable value.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in our culture and we recognize that our company grows stronger by helping others around the world. To commit our CSR, we value our people, advance diversity, develop our community worldwide, contribute to economic development, manage our business, care for the environment, and respect human rights.